Humans of Social Media Project

This is a continual project started in April of 2014. For some time now, I have been diving into different social networking sites simply to promote my artwork. As I learned the use of a hashtag, how to retweet at tweet, and how to use assistive touch on Vine, I also learned the importance of social interaction throughout these platforms. As time went on, I found myself starting to grow real bonds in these interactions. I started drawing and painting these people I was meeting; they are what inspired me. 

The Internet is one of the easiest ways to share our lives, express ourselves, to encourage and support, to debate, to inspire, to love. And every one of us have a different Internet experience. 

Oftentimes I’ll find myself inspired by the images people share, and by asking permission to use these pictures to paint from and collaborating with them, I often make a new friend!

I want to share the people that I have met through social networking. With this project, my viewers are not just experiencing a painting or drawing, but rather, an introduction. My viewers meet the individuals on the canvas and paper and share an experience with them. Art is the vessel. In with that, I remained flexible with my medium to best portray my subject.

Inspired by “Humans of New York”, my aim is to present the paintings of these interesting and inspiring people as a way to share them with the world.

Welcome. I’d love for you to introduce yourself.

Vine: @Christie Snelson Art
Instagram: @christiesnelson_art
Twitter: @christiesnelson