A Show of Hands | Arts & Letters | July 2015

News-Leader, July 1st, 2015:  "A Show of Hands" opens Friday at Arts & Letters

"Sometimes imagery haunts me until I explore it in my work.  This is the case with one of the final elements of my 'Roots' series in 2014: the key. I placed a single keyhole in one of the many trees in the forest of 'Secrets' and created 'The Answers' (three keys hanging from threads). Since then, I’ve been reflecting on what these 'answers' could be and what kinds of 'secrets' they reveal. I was drawn to the mystery behind these keys and haven’t stopped painting them since.

Keys have become a symbol of my desire for understanding, truth, and knowledge and reminder to remain always curious. They unlock something that would otherwise be hidden and are pieces to a puzzle that begs to be solved.

That understanding, truth, and knowledge that I look for is so often found in the people that cross paths with me. I’ve always believed I learn something from every individual I meet—from an exchanged smile to sharing stories of life. Everyone has a unique perspective each of which help me see the bigger picture of life and humanity.

I’ve specifically chosen people from Springfield, MO, to model their lovely hands because of my more recent immersion into the community that I’ve called home since birth. These are the people that have been unlocking more answers. They are a wonderful source of wisdom, inspiration, and support.

These painted hands, at the root of it, were a basic challenge. Hands have given me trouble since I began painting, and it was an obstacle I was ready to face. Hands also hold quite a bit of meaning to me as well. Hands create, they touch, they communicate, they work, they connect. They are what we see from our own perspective. They are unique. They are portraits in their own way, and they are handing you a key."