The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
— Albert Einstein

I remember getting overwhelmingly uncomfortable when I first questioned where God came from as a little girl. I quickly squashed the fear and the curiosity because if there was anything I had learned from sitting in the pews, it was faith. It was not until the last few years did I really let myself explore that question and get lost in that feeling of uncertainty. However, in that uncertainty while nearly paralyzing, I found something truly beautiful. I found an individualistic freedom, curiosity, and most importantly a deep connection to human history with this seemingly new universal question of existence.

These paintings explore this new journey of thought into the unknown using color in an inviting, lively manner. I create spaces that are welcoming and beautiful but also strange and sometimes a bit eerie. The vibrant environments are a representation of how I feel when exploring the notion of life and existence.  Presented in a few mini series, each offer a different perspective but evoke similar feelings.

My use of color is also highly indicative of this exploration. I am interested in layering saturated colors and watching them transform from palette to canvas but also in a way that is characteristic of the pixels on a computer screen. I also systematically place colors in a manner that creates a fluid, seemingly infinite composition to lock my viewers into these spaces. Be careful; don’t fall in.