Lost Reference

New Work: Releasing at Obelisk Home February 1st, 2019

web_lost reference_christie snelson_art collection.jpg

In this collection I continue my journey over the last five years to break myself from having to use a strict reference to create my paintings. It’s a range of works that explore the balance between using partial references and the lack thereof. With some pieces, I manipulate borrowed photographs by reforming them, and then alternate from using the image for guidance to simply using my own discernment. Instead of being a slave to my reference as they say, I am better able to focus on strengthening my composition and creating more persuasive form and spirited color harmonies. On the other end of the spectrum, this collection also includes a dozen of intuitive abstracts as a result of completely abandoning my reference and excluding it from my process completely. A new introduction to my portfolio, abstracts were the crowning challenge to let go of the plan and just paint.