False Perceptions | Brick City Gallery | May 2013

"As a living, I work in customer service. The way in which I serve my customers is not entirely important to me as I enjoy the interactions with the variety of eccentric individuals I run into. I am particularly captivated by the man wearing a rose-colored bathrobe with a lavender Mowhawk or the woman with her face painted like Braveheart. These people, in being brave to be his or her own individual, brighten my world and stimulate my imagination. In my work, I attempt to reflect this curiosity and appreciation I have for these vibrant people.

Because my interactions with my customers are fleeting, I have fabricated characters enthused by them. I attempt to create positive, humorous scenes that celebrate the individual and emphasize the color they bring into this life. In doing so, I hope to encourage others to keep an open eye for these irreplaceable personalities so they may color his or her world as much as they have mine."